System went down for half hour today, which may not seem like much… but when you take into account that’s around 6 or 7 calls per banker and there are a couple of hundred of us… then it’ll definitely make a crazy day even crazier. Felt like I was losing my voice towards the end of it, but I survived! :) 


Soul / R&B / Pop. First time listening to Usher’s new release and it’s definitely catchy! :) Didn’t do much today aside from attending WAY AND YACELL. Had a good time listening to a thought-provoking talk by Kenneth about contentment and satisfaction. At night, played some UNO for the first time in ages with some churchies and every game seemed to finish so quickly. Maybe it’s because we normally play 500 (a different card game) which takes a lot longer than a few minutes to finish, especially since there’s a ‘bidding round’.


It was raining overnight so I didn’t get to have my weekly dose of exercise…Lol, more of an excuse rather than a reason but no regrets! Sleeping in till 9am felt good. I ended up having a short work out at home anyway and also watched “X Men Days Of Future Past”. It was probably one of the best X men movies out of the series that I have seen!


Went to the Cyren Bar - Grill & Seafood after work. Got some exercise done by walking around the Harbour and along George Street while waiting for my parents to arrive as well. The chicken souvlaki pizza exceeded expectations by a mile and the scotch fillet was done pretty well. Unfortunately, the Fisherman’s Basket wasn’t really that worth it because it was $34 with only two pieces of fish and ALOT of chips.